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How to make your own yogurt

In this tenuous economy, it's prudent to hold on to every penny you have.

You can make yogurt in the comfort of your own home with materials you purchase at your nearby Walmart

There are a great many resources for yogurt recipes on the internet.  My favorite recipe. Fresh Yogurt, comes from Alton Brown's site and it's a lot easier than you think!

Here's your list of items to purchase before you embark on your yogurt-making adventure:

1 inexpensive styrofoam cooler (the kind you take to the beach)

a case of 16 oz  ball canning jars

1/2 gallon 2% lowfat milk

nonfat powdered milk

a digital cooking thermometer.  

1 container of nonfat plain yogurt  for your starter (make sure that this yogurt states that it contains active cultures)

Go to Alton Brown's site and print out his recipe.  Before making yogurt, make sure that your canning jars and lids are sterilized. I like to use my dishwasher's sani-cycle to do this.

In a saucepan, heat the amount of milk indicated on the recipe to 120 degrees. Note: if you are using raw cow's milk or raw goat's milk, make sure to heat your milk up to 180 degrees.

Let cool to 115 degrees.  Now, add the honey indicated on the recipe, and stir. Then add the powdered milk and finally, the yogurt starter.  It is very important to not mix the starter into milk at a temperature higher than 115 as the culture that is needed to make yogurt could get destroyed by the heat.

Are you ready? Fill your sterilized canning jars with the warm milk you've just added other ingredients to.

Cap with the canning jar lids,

Place a blanket into the styrofoam container, making sure that there's enough of that blanket to cover the top of your project. 

Put your warm, soon-to-be yogurt  jars into the styrofoam container. Cover with the same blanket, and put the lid on.

Let this sit on your kitchen counter for 6 hours.  

Take the lid off of your styrofoam container and put the jars of warm yogurt into your refrigerator immediately.

That's all there is to it!

For many who embark on this adventure of yogurt-making, the handcrafted yogurt tastes so much better than the store-bought version.

Please write in and share your yogurt experience!


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