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How to make your own nail polish strips

Nail polish strips boast a longer wear time and salon-like designs, but the hefty price tag, $5-10 dollars for a single application, deters many buyers. However, some clever bloggers have come up with a low-cost way to create nail polish strips at home for a fraction of the cost.

Create your own splatter nail strips!
The Daily Varish

In an article published on Polyvore, a blogger created her own nail strips using regular nail polish and parchment paper. To follow her method, simply apply three coats of polish to parchment paper (which can be found at any grocery store) and allow it to dry. Then carefully peel the dried strips from the parchment paper. To apply them to your nails, apply a top coat of polish and wait until it is not wet, but still tacky before positioning the strips on your nails. Allow it to dry and then apply a coat of cleat top coat for maximum wear-time.

Using this technique, it is much easier to create outlandish designs. Alli of The Daily Varnish created nail strips with a fun and easy splatter design too messy to do directly onto nails. Alli used a plastic bag for her nail strips, but according to Nail Nerd, parchment paper is ideal for easy removal of the dried polish. Nail Nerd uses this method to create homemade nail decals, and even provides a handy video with her instructions.

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