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How to make your own Hula Hoops.

How to make a Hula Hoop
How to make a Hula Hoop
Tiffany Baker and April Wells

A new trend amongst the fashionably fit is the resurrgence of the old standby, the Hula Hoop. You can certainly buy Hula Hoops everywhere, from your local and always delightful Target store to on line traders who will sell you LED lighted hoops, weighted hoops, sports hoops and so on! As more of a Do It Yourselfer / cheapskate, I thought it would be fun to make some hoops myself. Picking the brains of other hooping friends and making good use of the Google search engine, I found a "recipe" that seemed like it would work perfectly.

You will need:

100 feet of 100psi 1 inch diameter irrigation tubing. Might sound complicated but if you go to Lowes or Home Depot it's very easy to find. 100 feet should be enough to make at least 8 hoops.

Connectors for each hoop, ( 1 inch connectors for 1 inch diameter tubing )

Some sort of cutting device to cut the piping. We tried a hacksaw initially but it ended up that a tree trimmer worked marvellously, like enormous scissors!

A hairdryer to make sure you look wonderful at all times, oh, and to warm the pipe so it will expand to allow the connector in.

Colorful electrical tape to decorate.

What you do....

You will first need to measure how big to make your hoop. Each hoop should come up from the floor to between your underarm and the bust line. In order to measure this we unwound some of the piping and manhandled it until it resembled a hoop shape meeting the measuring requirements of each person we were building for. It helps if you have someone to hold the pipe whilst you cut with the blades, but you could probably manage it yourself....Watch your fingers!

Once you have the tube cut, time to warm the ends with the hairdryer. Get it good and hot and you'll find it's very easy to plug the connector in. Warm the other end of the tube and join your tube into a hoop shape!

Next is the fun part! Decorate to your heart's content with your electrical tape. There are so many color choices available there should be no reason for any squabbling over whose hoop is whose!

Finally the most fun part of all! The test run! Take your hoop. Stand somewhere where you have some good clearanace and you aren't about to swoop Aunt Martha's precious Ming vase off the counter, start your hoop spinning and off you go! A more slender waistline and tighter stomach muscles are only a wiggle away!

Things to note.

Contrary to popular belief, the bigger and heavier the hoop, the easier it is to use. If you have found yourself frustrated by trying to hoop with your 6 year old's Barbie hoop, try something bigger and you will be happily surprised with the result.

If you wish to add weights or noisemakers to your hoop it's easy to do by adding sand, or water for the weights and dried beans to make noise. Do bear in mind however that the beans will spin around inside the hoop and actually make it harder to use. Maybe use just one or two beans rather than the one or two CUPS full that we mistakenly tried!

Finally before trying any exercise regime it's recommended you contact your doctor.


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