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How to make your customer service training stick

With training, it is important that you coach your employees to practice practical experiences.
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A well-trained employee will make all the difference when it comes to dealing with customers and providing service. To ensure that your training sessions have maximum impact and you do not start feeling frustrated about their “training amnesia”, revise your training reinforcement methodology. Without follow up, three quarters of training is lost within six months, according to research. Here is how you can make the training lessons stick with your employees:

Summarize the Training on Handouts

Most employees are able to retain the important points they learned and read in training sessions. To ensure that they remember these, compile them on a handout and consider using graphics and diagrams. Visual aids are important and help to retain more than simple text. Encourage your employees to keep the sheet at their workspace so they can quickly look at it for reference.

After Training Ends, Coaching Begins

Training is a blend of theory and practical examples. It is important that you coach your employees to practice the theory in practical experience after the training. Most of them forget the practical approach and remember the theory instead, which might not be so useful. Correct them where they are wrong and reinforce good practices through feedback and praise. It will help solidify the training and what your employees have learned if you coach them correctly after training.

Acquire Training Feedback

Follow up with employees in meetings and seek to understand how the training affected their performance. Ask them if the new skills are helping them and talk to them about problems or areas of improvement, which may require additional training. Such sessions will help you gain insight into the effectiveness of the training already conducted and help determine if further training is required. It is important to evaluate if the training has had a positive effect on employees or if it was a waste of time. You need to know how much knowledge has been retained to improve the effectiveness of further training sessions.

Lead by Example

If you think your employees do not pay attention to your actions, well then you are wrong. Monitor your own behavior as employees notice and adopt practices of management. The best way to reinforce training is to lead by example and this means correcting your own false behavior and remaining consistent with training sessions. Consider how you treat and respond to your peers and subordinates and encourage your customer service representatives to adopt a friendly voice and tone with each other.

It is important to constantly train your customer service employees with the changing trends of customer service. Processes are now much faster and every business needs an all round approach to deliver exceptional customer service. It has become the norm to provide support via, chat, SMS, email, and social media. However, it is up to you to decide which channels would work best for you. No matter where you focus your efforts, your goal should be to provide customer service excellence.

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