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How to make toast without a toaster

You won't need a toaster to make this.
You won't need a toaster to make this.
Fieldhouse Kitchen

Working in small kitchen with limited supplies doesn’t have to compromise your cooking. Believe it or not, there are plenty of unique kitchen hacks you can use in place of buying fancy equipment or machines.

Take making coffee, for example. If you don’t have a basic coffee maker or even a French press, look no further than a pot of boiling water, a strainer and a coffee filter. Place the filter in your strainer along with the coffee of your choice and pour hot water into the filtered strainer. It’s instant coffee with a twist. For bolder flavor, add coffee beans to your strainer and pour hot water over them.

One of the most unnecessary kitchen supplies is the toaster. It serves only one purpose, takes up counter space and can be easily replaced by a stovetop or oven.

Here’s how to make toast without a toaster.

You’ll need to know if you want to make Avocado Toast and other great recipes.

Head over to Fieldhouse Kitchen for more recipes and ideas inspired by cooking with minimal space, supplies and money in a New York City studio.

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