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How to make time for exercise - Tips from a pro.


My personal trainer is Toni Lyles, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, at Lynne Brick's Women's Health in Owings Mills. She is a phenomenal trainer and a mother of three! I asked Toni to share her tips on how Moms can work in time to exercise. Her answer is enlightening. 

For working and stay-at-home moms, working out, exercising, or taking "me time" for your fitness goals always takes a backseat to everyone and everything else.  There is and always will be something that is more important than that.  Who thinks about running to the gym or popping in an exercise DVD when the kids are screaming, dinner needs to be cooked, or you have a load of dirty laundry waiting for you?  For this reason, you have to work your every day schedule around your exercise routine in order to get your time in.  Otherwise, you will always find a reason not to do it.
Not everyone has the time or resources to join a gym, so it's important as busy moms that you take advantage of the time and opportunity when you have it.  Use what you have where you are.  Here are five exercise tips that you can do to get in your exercise when you can: 
  1. Walk the stairs: It's not always necessary to run a full flight of stairs because that can seem overwhelming.  Use one step to step up and down for a minute or two then switch legs.  This will definitely get your heart rate up quickly, and you can easily do this several times a day.
  2. Push it to the limit: Push-ups for many women can be difficult and intimidating.  However doing them up against a wall is an easier option. Placing your hands in closer together and keeping your elbows in will allow you to do tricep push-ups as well.
  3. Resistance is key: Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be used for both upper and lower body exercises.  Placing them around your ankles and doing side toe taps or step touches will allow you to work both your inner and outer thigh muscles.
  4. It's all about the core: Core strength is key to your body's stability.  Laying down on the floor to do crunches is hard for many, but standing crunches or laying back on an exercise ball for support is just as effective.
  5. Shall we dance?:  Getting in your daily cardio can be as simple as putting on some music and dancing around.  Dance the length of 1-2 songs to get in at least 10-15 quick minutes when you can. Get your kids involved and make it a family affair because they need it too. 
As moms, we often take on the burden of taking care of and taking the time out for our families but not for ourselves. These 5 quick tips will insure that you get in your regular exercise without really changing your daily routine.  Remember a little bit goes a long way, and some is always better than none at all!  Keep it moving, ladies!
Contact Toni at or 410-363-4600.

Live Fully,


  • Nadine 5 years ago

    Great ideas especially when they are done. Thanks Mia for sharing.

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