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How to make palm tree shoes with fabric markers

Canvas shoes with artistic designs can be quite pricey, especially if you take a look at the offerings online. Shoes with hand drawn and painted designs are beautiful, but what if you cannot afford to shop for handmade wares online? If you want to save a bit of money and still indulge in the craving for arty shoes, then why not create a pair of your own with fabric markers?

Fabric markers were used to draw palm trees on this pair of shoes.
Photo by Julia Hanna
Palm trees were drawn on canvas shoes with fabric markers.
Photo by Julia Hanna.

For this project it is best to use a light shade of canvas shoes so the fabric markers show up well. However there are fabric markers that are especially marketed to work on dark fabric if you prefer black or navy canvas shoes. White canvas shoes were used for the project here since the markers used to draw the Southern California palm trees and the blue sky with vibrant hues. The following steps were used to create the palm tree themed shoes,which cost less than twenty dollars to make:

Step 1:

A palm tree was drawn on the vamp of the shoe with brown and green fabric markers.

Step 2:

A second palm tree was drawn on the side of the shoe.

Step 3

Three small palm trees were drawn on the back of the shoe.

Step 4:

Another palm tree was drawn on the other of the shoe.

Step 5:

The same process was used for drawing palm trees on the other shoe.

Step 6:

A blue fabric marker was used to shade in the sky around the palm trees.

Step 7:

Follow the directions for heat setting the fabric markers. The shoes featured here were not heat set because the design was created on a hot July night, and the shoes sat overnight to dry completely. The design did not rub off the shoes, but heat setting fabric markers after use might be recommended if you are drawing in cooler conditions. However, there was really no need to throw shoes with fabric markers drawings in the dryer since it was about hundred degrees out.

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