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How to make orb balls

Making your own orb balls is easy to do, but it does take some patience and the right equipment. Start by buying a glass ball of the same size and shape you want your orb ball to be. Make sure it has a removable stem cap. This is usually a small metal piece that is used to close off the stem of the ball. Most people find suitable balls in craft stores. Empty glass Christmas ornaments are ideal for this project, but a lot of people also special order their glass balls from the internet.

Once you’ve found the size you want, think for a few minutes about the colors you want displayed in the ball. Also think about glitter, small pictures or other items that you want your orb ball to show. Assemble these items along with acrylic paint in the colors you want.

Next, remove the stem cap and spray adhesive into the ball. While the adhesive is wet, use tweezers to insert any small pictures into the ball. You will need to roll up larger pictures and then unroll them to get them to fit through the opening. The picture should adhere to the side of the orb ball. Use the flat side of your tweezers to secure it, however. After this, sprinkle in any glitter that you want to use. Make sure the picture has completely adhered to the side of the ball before moving onto the next step.

Next, place about a teaspoon of paint into the ball. Roll the ball around to get the paint to coat the inside. If you want a swirled effect, add teaspoons of different paint colors to the inside of the ball and then roll the colors together. If you want a speckled or splotched effect, wait for the paint to dry completely before adding a different color. If you’re using a picture, the paint may seep around any edges that are not completely secure.

It’s important to note that it can be very difficult to get the paint exactly where you want it using this method. If you’re very picky about where the paint goes, use a small paint brush with a long handle to apply paint to the inside of the ball. This method can take a while to master, so expect to go through several different balls before getting it just right.

Leave the cap off when getting the ball to dry. After everything is dry, replace the stem cap and display your orb ball wherever you want.

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