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How to make less trash

Make less contribution here!
Make less contribution here!
AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

Ever wondered how you can reduce the trips to the trashcan? Ever felt like you should be doing more for the environment? Reducing the trash you create is one easy way to do it.

Tip number 1: Recycle. Put multiple bins around your house, each designated for different trash – paper, plastic, organic waste. The more places/bins you have, the easier it will be to recycle at all times. Make the bins a decoration, incorporate them into your house design!

Tip number 2: Do away with the paper towels! Use a cloth towel in the kitchen to wipe down messes. Have a different towel for the floor spills, and a different one for countertop accidents. Rinse them out with soap and you can re-use them again.

Tip number 3: If you can, use cloth handkerchiefs – it will feel better on your nose too!

Tip number 4: Eliminate paper plates, plastic utensils, paper cups etc. Use the real stuff and wash it. It takes more work but makes the Earth happy…which should make you happy.

Tip number 5: Go shopping with your own cloth bag. Too many groceries? Bring several bags! Most stores will sell you one starting at 50 cents!

Tip number 6: Start a compost bin. Use your organic waste to make plant food! If you have children, this is a wonderful opportunity to teach them about composting and the growth of plants.

Tip number 7: Donate your old clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, furniture etc. to the local charities. Don’t just throw it away.

Tip number 8: Dispose of your tech stuff the right way. All Best Buys participate in recycling programs. You can bring in old TVs, DVD players, computer monitors, audio and video cables, even cell phones. And get this – gently used electronics may qualify you for some cash in the form of a Best Buy gift card!

No matter how many of these steps you’ll take, you will be helping the Earth and the global green effort. The more often you do it, the more of a second nature it will come to you. Take the first step today!


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