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How to make homemade coconut oil sugar scrub

Make your own sugar scrub!
Make your own sugar scrub!
Claire Thalken

Do you love luxuriant store-bought sugar scrubs but want to skip out on the iffy added chemicals? You can make a sugar scrub in your own kitchen using items you can find in your local grocery store! This scrub moisturizes skin naturally with coconut oil. It leaves skin soft, smooth, and lightly scented. Making it is more simple than pie and just as sweet!

Project Cost: About $30, but makes many batches.

Materials needed:

  • Jars or containers to store the scrub- clean baby food jars and wide mouth mason jars work great and are widely available, or you can look for bulk containers online.
  • Large mixing bowl, preferably glass.
  • ½ cup coconut oil- Virgin Coconut oil has a lovely coconut scent, where as refined has no scent.
  • 2 cups sugar- Chose any kind of sugar you want!
  • essential oil or scent (optional)- You can usually find sweet almond oil at your grocery store in the pharmacy section. Otherwise, your local craft store should carry a variety of essential oils and fragrances.

Step 1: Measure out ½ cup (8 tablespoons) coconut oil into the bowl.

Step 2: If you are adding essential oils, add them before the sugar, and mix well. It is better to add little amounts of essential oil or fragrance. If you wish, you can melt the coconut oil in the microwave for easier mixing.

Step 3: Add the sugar, a bit at a time, mixing well. For a creamier texture, add less sugar, for a more coarse scrub, add more sugar.

Step 4: If you have melted the coconut oil, let it set. Then, spoon the mixture into your containers. If you want a flat, even top on your scrubs, melt after spooning into the containers.

Step 5: Put it in your shower and enjoy! This scrub has a shelf-life of longer than a year!

If you'd like to skip the mess, check out the homemade scrub in my Etsy shop!

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