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How to make exercise fun

Re-framing is when you create a shift in consciousness to see things in a whole new way. The video illustrates this beautifully.

What happens when you have a choice such as this one in the video, to take the stairs or to take the escalator to go up? Without consciously being aware of it, your mind makes a decision that could be based on many things. Perhaps it’s your time, your level of energy, the shoes you are wearing, your determination to stay fit, or any number of things.

What if you could see all your day-to-day habits in a whole new way… from an entirely different point of view? You can look at any given situation more than one way.

What is your perspective about exercise? Is it work? Is it punishment for over-indulging in food that added too much fat around your belly? Is it something necessary but you absolutely hate doing? Do you have a limiting perspective that is only negative about exercise?

A limiting perspective about something usually fuels your excuses for not taking action. Those thoughts sabotage you! For example, the most common excuse for not exercising is not having enough time. What if you re-framed that to: “I make the time for anything I am committed to.” Here is another common limiting belief: “I am too old to change. I just don’t have the energy I used to have.” Re-frame: “It’s never too late to make a change. The more consistently I exercise, and eat healthy, the more energetic I become!”

How is that limiting perspective about exercise working for you? What if exercise were fun? Would you make the time for it? Can you think of anything enjoyable about your exercise? The results if gives you perhaps?

If you can change your perspective from a negative experience to a more empowering one, you can change your action and emotional state about it. Your perspective about anything directly produces its outcome. Your mind and body are part of the same system and affect each other. The way you think about something will have a direct impact on the result you will create.