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How to make easy Christmas tree crafts this holiday season

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The styrofoam cone is a very versatile craft resource and there are so many easy Christmas tree crafts that can be made using a Styrofoam cone. Christmas tree crafts are an economical way to do holiday decorating and they also make excellent gifts for family and friends.

Here you will find 5 easy Christmas tree crafts that are quick to make, will not break the bank and add holiday cheer to the home or office.

Christmas tree craft #1: Jingle bells
Purchase small to medium size jingle bells at a large discount store or craft store and using ornament hangers, slip the ornament hanger loop through the jingle bell loop just as you would on an ornament. The curved end of the ornament hanger should be straightened out and inserted into the Styrofoam cone until the jingle bell is flush against the Styrofoam. If the ornament hanger is a little too long, simply use a wire cutter and cut the hanger a little shorter.

Christmas tree craft #2: Marshmallows
Depending on the size of the Styrofoam cone being used, purchase small or large marshmallows at the grocery store. Using toothpicks, poke one toothpick at a time into the Styrofoam cone and push the marshmallow on the other end of the toothpick. Be sure to place the marshmallows very close together so the Styrofoam does not show in between the marshmallows. I made a grouping of Christmas trees in different sizes, I used larger marshmallows on the bigger Styrofoam cones and smaller marshmallows on the smaller Styrofoam cones. A group of 3 or 5 Christmas tree crafts make wonderful holiday home décor.

Christmas tree craft #3: Jelly beans
The method of making this Christmas tree craft using jelly beans is the same method as using the marshmallows. Using toothpicks and jelly beans, attach jelly beans on to the Styrofoam cone. This fun Christmas tree craft makes holiday decorating exciting and tasty too.

Christmas tree craft #4: Large sequins and beads
Use large sequins that have a small hole in the middle, beads and straight pins; poke the straight pin through the bead and then layer the sequin and poke into the Styrofoam cone. Be sure to cover the Styrofoam completely so that the Styrofoam is not showing. It is important to remember when purchasing the sequins and beads that these two items have large enough holes that a straight pin will fit through.

Christmas tree craft #5: Faux pearls
Faux pearls with an insertion hole and straight pins make a really elegant and stunning Christmas tree craft. The process to make this holiday decoration is the same method used with the sequins and beads. A grouping of the faux pearl Christmas tree craft makes a lovely table centerpiece or mantel piece, perfect for festive holiday home décor.

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