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How to make colorful art with salt

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At times it is getting pretty tough to entertain my almost 7-year-old with arts and crafts, so when I came across these super fun and easy colorful salt art creations, I knew I had a winner!

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It is so simple to do, but totally amazing and my son loved watching the "magic" happen every time he added color to his salt creations.

You can even let your toddler do this but you might need to put some old clothes on her first.

What you need:

  • White paper
  • Clear glue
  • Salt
  • Food colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Water


  1. Glue a design on your white sheet of paper. Anything goes!
  2. Add salt to the glue and shake off any excess salt from your paper.
  3. Take your food coloring and touch it to the salt and watch what happens!!! (You can also add some color to the water and then use your paintbrush to apply the color to the salt.)
  4. Once you colored all the salt on your paper let it dry.

Extra Tip #1: You can use this easy and fun craft to make abstract art as well as paint pictures.

Extra Tip #2: How about making some beautiful hearts and turning this salt craft into a Valentine's Day craft?