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How to Make Children Feel Special on Valentine's Day.

The main focus of Valentine’s Day is romantic love. However, all types of love should be celebrated on this special day. Part of helping children feeling loved and secure is to maker them to feel special. What better way than to surprise them on this national day of love?

One way to make children feel special is to prepare them a special breakfast. How about heart shaped pancakes with fruit on top? It is a healthy breakfast that parents can feel good about giving and children can feel good about eating, knowing that they are special. Check out the website  This side inclused recipes, craft ideas coloring pages and entertainment ideas.   

Another way to make children feel special is to make them a Valentine’s card. It shows that they are appreciated and worth effort. Anyone can buy a card but making a card shows devotion and will be a memorable event.

The best way to make children feel special on Valentine’s Day is to spend time with them. After all, candy will be eaten; presents outgrown or forgotten. However, the memories of spending loving time with parents will be sweet and cherished for years to come. Read favorite books, play favorite games, draw, blow bubbles, or color. Laugh a lot! Spend time doing your children’s favorite activities. These ideas are not expensive but they are priceless.