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How to make candy jewelry

Kids love jewelry and candy, so making jewelry out of candy always seems to be a popular way to keep a class entertained or a group of kids occupied on a rainy day. If you’re looking for some craft ideas, try out these suggestions.

Lifesaver Bracelets

This is a good craft for small kids because the pieces are large and easy to thread. Start by gathering some lifesaver candies and licorice ropes. If desired, you can also use orange rings or large cereal pieces. Older children might like to use colored, hollow licorice that has been cut into pieces. Use a piece of fruit leather to wrap around the base of the licorice rope. This will prevent the candy from falling off the end of the string. Then, thread the candy onto the licorice. Finally, stick the ends of licorice together using the heat from your hands.

Candy Mosaic Pins

Cut a flat piece of fruit leather into any shape you desire. Then, use a variety of candy pieces to arrange onto the fruit leather. If you are using small pieces, they should stick automatically. Larger pieces, however, might need to be attached with a bit of frosting or glue. When done, attach a pin to the back, or use glue or frosting to attach it to a bracelet or necklace.

Candy Hair Extensions

This craft can be a bit sticky, but it is fun. Use hot glue to attach a few licorice strings to a small hair clip. Then, string a single piece of candy onto one of the strings. Knot or braid the strings together, then add another piece of candy to a single string. At the end of the strings, tie all of the licorice pieces together or a piece of fruit leather to bind the entire things together. If you don’t like the idea of putting your creation in your hair, tie both ends to each other and make it into a friendship bracelet.

Keep in mind that because all of these crafts are made from food, they cannot be stored easily. They will eventually attract insects and small animals who are interested in a snack. Furthermore, wearing the jewelry for a long period of time can get messy. For these reasons, it’s usually a good idea to encourage children to eat their creations shortly after making them. Of course, if you decide to use glue to hold anything together, cut this part off before allowing a child to eat what they made.

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