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How to make an iPod Halloween Costume

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Unique, handmade Halloween costumes can fetch a pretty penny on eBay. Popular Halloween costumes include those related to technology: iPhone, iPod, Facebook app, etc. To make an iPod costume for boys, girls and adults, the supplies needed include:

- 2 black foam board pieces
- Black fleece to cover the foam board (I usually overbuy and bout 5 yards)
- Gray fleece to create the apple logo on the back
- Fleece or felt in the colors of the apps you want to create (red, yellow, aqua, white, blue, lime green)
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Stapler or Scotch shipping tape
- velcro

To create the front of the iPod

1. Cover one piece of the foam board with fleece.
2. Secure the fleece to the foam board with a staple gun or even heavy duty Scotch shipping tape will work.
3. Cut 9 squares measuring 5” x 5” for each app
4. Search the internet for images of the apps and print to a size that will fit in each square.
5. cut out the images and trace / cut out of felt
6. Assemble each app square and attach using hot glue
7. Cut a circle out of black fleece to resemble the “button” at the bottom of the iPod. I used a large can of soup to make the circle perfectly round. Attach the circle

Create the back of the Apple iPod costume:

1. Secure the fleece to the foam board with a staple gun or even heavy duty Scotch shipping tape will work.
2. Search the internet to find an Apple logo and iPod. Zoom and print the images to fit the size of the board.
3. Trace and cut the images out of gray fleece
4. Attach the Apple and iPod logos using hot glue

How to wear the costume:

1. Cut 4 pieces of fleece material and staple one to each corner of the board.
2. Tie the straps at the shoulders so the board hangs just below the chin
3. Dress child in a black sweatsuit
4. Attach Velcro to sweatsuit and the other piece to the back of the foam board. This will keep the board from moving around so much.
5. Carry an iPod that loudly plays Halloween music



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