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How to make an animal cracker storage box craft for kids

Animal crackers
Animal crackers
Photo by Donald Bowers

This adorable kids craft is perfect for storing small items such as jewelry, coins, trinkets or anything that will fit in this small sized box craft.

An animal cracker storage box craft for kids is easy to make and is also lots of fun. This special little decorative cardboard type box craft makes great gifts and looks super sitting on a desk or dresser. Multiple animal cracker box crafts look great lined up with pencils, scissors and or any type of office supple type materials.

Animal cracker storage box crafts are quick to make, so kids can easily make multiple box crafts quickly as gifts for family members and friends. This kids craft is also perfect to use in the classroom as holiday presents for parents or as a supplemental activity in an animal themed unit. There are so many ways to incorporate this animal cracker box craft, the ideas and uses are unlimited.

Here you will find easy to follow directions for making a decorative animal cracker storage box craft for kids.

Empty milk container, the small kind that is served within the school cafeteria
Ornamental frosting, white works well but any color will suffice
Animal crackers
Butter knife
Tempera paint (optional)
Clear acrylic spray (optional)


1. Wash and cut a small milk carton down approximately taking off 1/3 of the top, so leaving about 2/3 of the milk carton standing.

2. Cover the outside of the milk carton thoroughly with ornamental frosting and gently press animal crackers into the frosting. Making sure to cover the entire milk carton with animal crackers by placing the animal crackers as close together without overlapping the crackers. Allow time for the frosting to dry completely through.

3. If you would like to paint the animal crackers, add some color using tempera paint although the animal crackers look very cute in their natural cracker color.

4. As an option for longer lasting wear, spray the outside of the decorative animal cracker storage box craft with a clear acrylic spray, matte or gloss works well.

Please keep in mind this decorative animal cracker storage box is for decorative purposes only and should not be used as an item to drink from especially if the box craft is sprayed with a clear acrylic. When kids are making this fun decorative cardboard type storage box, I always give them a reminder of what the purpose of the animal cracker box is.

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