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How to make alkaline water at home

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Destinee Coleman

The Alkaline Diet is the newest diet to hit the scene. If you don't know what the diet is about, please click here for more information. The average human body is comprised of 55% to 60% of water. Depending on the biological sex of the person, this percentage will vary. Water is such an important part of any diet. In this article, the quality of water is used in the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, to demonstrate its importance in a healthy diet and as a foundation of overall well being.

This article will explain how one can have alkaline water at home.

The first thing to do, is to make sure your water is pure. You can add as much pH to your water as possible but if it is riddled with impurities, you're setting yourself up for failure. You can purchase a water purifier , or buy purified water. This method may become a little pricey so it is best to know you will be receiving a top of the line product that is worth the money. Water purifiers for the sink, shower and portable water purifiers are available here for an amazing price.

Once you are sure of your water's purity, you must test its current pH level. This can be done a number of ways but the easiest way is to purchase pH test strips. Many drug stores carry these products but they are also available on . If you type in pH test strips you have a much wider variety than you would going to a store.

Now that your water is pure and you know the pH levels you may want to increase your water's alkalinity. You can choose to enhance its levels with the following four steps. You may also increase the measurements if needed. Remember to maintain consistency.

Method One: pH drops

PH drops are the easiest way to increase your water's alkalinity. These drops may be available at local drug stores or grocery stores but instead of leaving that up to chance, order them online. Go to and type in pH drops. You'll find numerous sizes and brands that will fit your needs.

Method Two: Lemons

This is the second easiest method but it does take the longest. Do not use the pre-made liquid lemon juice that is available. For 8 oz of water, cut one lemon into equal eighths. Do not squeeze the lemon. Simply allow it to sit over night or for eight to twelve hours. You may add an eighth of a tea spoon of Pink Himalayan salt. This is fine for people with high blood pressure or anyone on a low sodium diet. Pink Himalayan salt reacts in the body differently than other salts. If you cannot find this salt at your local grocery store then go here.

Method Three: Baking Soda

For 8 oz of water add one eighth of a tablespoon or 600 mg of baking soda. This must be baking soda not baking powder. Although baking soda and baking powder have multiple similarities, they have different purposes. Do not use if you are on a low sodium diet.

Method Four: Buy an ionizer

There are various types of ionizers. Some can be used in a water bottle, other connected to a faucet. Prices may also range from about $50 to $3,000 , depending on the type of ionizer. Some can even work throughout the entire household. These products are also available at an affordable price here.

Method Five: Buy alkaline water

Alkaline water is becoming more and more mainstream each year. If you go to your grocery store, to the aisle that has bottled water, you can find a couple products labeled as alkaline.

This may seem out of way just for water but water is the foundation for all beings. Health is important. You only have one body, you must take proper care of it.

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