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How to make a Superman Halloween Costume

Make your own Clark Kent Superman Costume
Zandra Katauskas

To make a do-it-yourself Superman (Clark Kent style) costume for school plays, book character day, Halloween and dance parties, supplies needed include the following:

1. Superman Tee Shirt
2. Long sleeve button front shirt, solid color is best
3. Denim jeans
4. Glasses (3D glasses from a movie theater work perfectly!)
5. Hairspray

To complete the Man of Steel costume, dress in the pieces of clothing mentioned above, buttoning the long sleeve shirt only a few buttons up from the bottom. Next, slick hair back with water and spray with hairspray to hold in place. Remove the lenses from the 3D glasses (simply pop them out), leaving just the frames and place on head. These black framed glasses work well and resemble the superhero seen in the TV series, Smallville.

Sure, one can purchase the standard Superman costume at a local retail shop or on eBay, but isn’t it more fun to create your own outfit? Isn’t it also less expensive to build your own Halloween costume or character dress?! To save money, shop local thrift stores and garage sales for comic book t-shirts before heading to the retail stores (Wal-mart or Target, for example). Check your family closets for a pair of blue denim jeans, dress slacks and a long sleeve button front shirt.

Unique one-of-a-kind costumes sell well on eBay, especially near Halloween. However, one should list costumes all year round as they are often needed for special events. In addition, shipping international will allow one to capture worldwide holidays that may have different celebrations throughout the year.

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