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How to make a smart decision

Many of us have trouble making decisions at
one time or another.
It's not just major life choices that often keep
you awake at night with indecision, afraid of
making a mistake (and it could be a BIG one
that may take years to recover from) or having
Even everyday "small" decisions like whether
to invite relatives over for dinner can
sometimes be frustrating.
Some say decision making is an acquired skill
and gets easier as you go along in life.
Perhaps; I personally believe that it NEVER
gets easier, especially as you go along in life
(Life itself is a complicated process). But you
CAN make better, well-thought-out decisions,
that for the most part, will give you some
smooth sailing.
Step on board!

Decision making can be either a simple or complicated process. by getty images

1. Ask yourself this: "What Is Most Important To Me At This Point In My Life?"
This question will help you to determine what your true priorities are (making
more money, family, getting a car, relocating, among others).

2. Trusting Your Gut Instinct or Intuition-If something really FEELS right, you
should go with it; that inner perception is more reliable than you may realize
(Because it's based on not just feelings, but a combination of your experience
and knowledge as well).

3. Write Down Pros And Cons-Doing this step alone will often help you with
decision making.
By writing out things, you'll see the answer (or a potential one, at least) right in
front of you.
And if there's far more pros (or vice versa)'ll know what to do.

4. Take Action In A Timely Manner-You'll feel more in control of the situation and
it'll stop the overanalyzing or "going back and forth" that many people do.
If you wait to decide-or do nothing because you can't make a final decision-you
may miss out on a great opportunity.
So...What do you want to do?

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