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How to make a shirt festive for the holidays

Holiday shirts
Holiday shirts
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We enjoy decorating the house, presents and trees for the holidays but we also cannot forget to decorate ourselves and make ourselves festive for the holidays. However, sometimes purchasing clothing that is specific for the holidays can be costly and when you are only able to wear the clothing at the holidays, those types of clothing pieces do not always seem to be practical. There are easy ways to make a shirt festive, some techniques are permanent and some are temporary but all give a shirt a really special holiday look.

Here you will find 5 easy ways to make a shirt festive for the holidays, simple additions to a shirt can make it look like a special holiday shirt.

Holiday shirt tip #1: Buttons

Purchasing holiday buttons at the local craft store and adding the festive buttons by simply sewing on to a shirt or t-shirt in a planned or unplanned design or pattern will give the shirt an excellent holiday feel. There are so many cute holiday buttons offered at craft stores or large discount stores, it is hard to decide which ones to choose first. Sewing on holiday buttons will give a shirt a quick holiday look.

Holiday shirt tip #2: Bows

Bows can be purchased pre-made or can be easily made from ribbon. Adding red, green or any other holiday colors desired to a shirt can turn a simple t-shirt into a really festive shirt. Bows are great for adult shirts and really cute for children's shirts too.

Holiday shirt tip #3: Fabric pieces

There are many wonderful holiday fabrics offered in stores and online, by choosing smaller images in the holiday fabric, cutting out the images and sewing onto a shirt can give the shirt a whole new look, one that is full of holiday spirit. Multiple holiday images can be sew on a shirt to make the design more interesting and fun.

Holiday shirt tip #4: Sequins

If you are looking for a sparkly and glittery look, try sewing or using fabric glue to attach sequins on a shirt. Sequins on a shirt or t-shirt will make a simple shirt ready for a party look that is not only fun but also economical.

Holiday shirt tip #5: Holiday pins

One of the easiest ways to make a shirt festive and ready for the holidays is by adding holiday pins. One holiday pin or numerous holiday pins will make a shirt look like it is ready for the holidays and full of holiday cheer.

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