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How to make a puppy from a washcloth and other Origami towel animals

A puppy made using washcloth is a great gift item

A washcloth folded into an animal makes a great addition to a baby shower gift or added to a gift basket. The easy tutorial on how to fold a washcloth into a puppy is found on the Craftsy web site here and instructs you how to create this adorable little guy.

There are several free tutorials and guides on folding dogs and other animals using washcloths. These cute little critters are wonderful gifts to attach to a diaper cake, party shower favors, Mother’s Day, a new baby, birthdays, and spa gifts.The washcloths are completely usable once they are taken apart afterward.

Washcloth and bath towel folding is a craft similar to Origami in which you fold paper into objects and animals. The art of folding towels is another form of Origami by using a washcloth or bath towel.

For some of the best instructions and downloads on washcloth folding patterns, including owls, flowers, cakes, hearts, frogs, giraffes, hippos and more! Check out this link to view all of the patterns available to make for baby showers, gifts, parties, birthdays and other celebrations.

An easy towel to start out with is the free wash rag bunny pattern. This one is cute for all of the little ones who enjoy a rabbit added to their bath fun.

The next free guide is called The Ultimate Towel Folding Guide. It shows you how to fold towels into monkeys, swans, elephants, a mouse, crab and an easy snake. These are fun to make and to add a touch of unique items to your bathroom when guests visit.

A towel Origami site shows us a variety of towel patterns to fold using different size towels to make animals. There are also other towel origami patterns to make such as flowers, hearts and boats on the site.

For larger towels these free projects show us unique ways to fold towels. They include a pink elephant towel, swans and a cute dog towel.

How to fold a towel dog photos and instructions can be found here on the Wiki site. The photos are helpful but you may want to check out some YouTube videos also on folding animals from towels and washcloths.

Here is a fun little puppy that can be made using a washcloth. He is a great project to make that requires no cutting or sewing.

Search Google for keywords such as towel animals, towel origami, how to make a puppy dog towel, how to make towel animals, and other related searches to find free tutorials and video instructions to make cute critters.

There are also several good books on folding towels and washcloths into animals and other items. Books like Towel Folding 101, The Lost Art of Towel Folding, and other guides and books are available here on Amazon.

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