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How to make a no sew women's shelter charity toiletry kit project

There are, in every city, women's shelters that serve survivors of family violence, sexual assault, stalking and abuse by providing a safe environment, crisis intervention, counseling, legal and support services, and community education. Many women leave home with just the clothes on their backs. Here is an easy charity project, a toiletry kit, that requires no sewing skills and will help a victim to get through the first night. These kits can be made as a group project and most of the products can be found very inexpensively in drug stores and dollar stores. What you put inside is up to you but make sure there is a toothbrush and toothpaste in each. Think of what you would want to have if you had to run away from home. Samples of cosmetics, shampoo, comb, brush, deodorant, menstrual products, and disposable razors are always welcome.

All tagged and ready to go
Maria Merlino copyright 2014
Here are shelter kits tagged and ready to go
Maria Merlino Copyright 2014

Materials used in this project:

12x12 new washcloth

Travel size toothpaste


Floss picks

Cotton swabs

Disposable razor

Travel size shampoo

Bobby pins


Ponytail elastics

Moist towelettes



Lay out wash cloth, and then center items on washcloth. Fold top of washcloth down and bottom of washcloth up over items. Roll right hand side and left hand side to center. Take four ponytail elastics and evenly space them around roll. At this point toiletry kit is complete. To finsh with a nice gesture, attach a colorful tag with a positive message.

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