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How to Make a Mario Bros Halloween Costume

Handmade costumes sell on eBay
Zandra Katauskas

Halloween costumes are good sellers on eBay, especially during the Fall. However, do not be afraid to list those costumes year-round as they are in need throughout the year for school plays, spirit week, character days, festivals and more.

Creative sellers can make money putting together costumes unlike any other listed on eBay. For example, characters Mario & Luigi from the Super Mario Bros video game series. Sure, store purchased Mario Halloween costumes might be readily available (and expensive), but handmade costumes are more desirable because they are one-of-kind and perfect for boys, girls and adults. Purchase this completed Mario costume in my eBay store,

Follow the steps below to make a Mario dress up character costume for Halloween, school parties, character days or school spirit week:

Apparel to Purchase (save money by shopping at thrift stores):
1. White slip on gloves (usually $1 at Dollar store or Walmart)
2. Red baseball cap
3. Red long sleeve shirt
4. Denim Bib overalls

Supplies needed to make mustache and ball cap:
1. Red, white and black felt
2. Scissors
3. Hot glue gun
4. Mustache pattern located at

To make the Mario baseball cap:
1. Trace the bottom of a soup can onto the white felt to make it perfectly round. Cut out the circle
2. Download the “M” in Mario from Zoom and print to fit on the white circle
3. Assemble the “M” circle and hot glue to hat

To make the mustache:
1. Trace the mustache pattern here
2. Cut out
3. Use Heavy Duty Scotch shipping tape to hold the mustache in place just above the lip

Child can complete the costume with hiking boots or heavy shoes. I have yet to think of a creative trick-or-treat bag to complete this outfit. Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments section below!

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