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How to Make a Man Never Let You Go

So you meet a great guy and seems to offer everything you want in a man and more. You want full commitment. You want to know he is just for you, but the relationship seems stagnant. You’re starting to wonder whether you need to move the relationship forward. You start second guessing your decisions and notice him withdrawing. This is not only frustrating and painful for you, but now you’re starting to feel helpless. Sit down and take a deep breath. There’s a way you can flip the script and inspire him to find ways for you to commit to him rather than you feeling desperate to make him love you.

Why won't he commit?
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You’re a woman. It’s not your job to do it all in a relationship. Yes that means you shouldn't arrange all the dates and you shouldn’t initiate every phone call. He is a man and if he wants you…he needs to earn you. He needs to set out time to see you and hear from you. When you don’t allow him to pursue you, everything is on his terms and that’s not a good position for you to place yourself.

When you try too hard to make him feel like you’re the best thing he will ever come across, you’ll start to feel not enough for him and that will make you not do enough for yourself.

As a woman that wants a man to commit and see how lucky he is to have you, you need to not invest everything into being with him. Otherwise, he will withdraw simply because you’re appearing too needy.

If it makes you feel any better, men live their lives for themselves. When you do everything for a man, he will dump you for another woman in a heart beat. And what will you get out of trying to give your all to him? Nothing but wasted time and hurt feelings.

When he is slacking on effort, don’t pick up the slack for him. That’s his job to do if he really wants things to work.

Stop doing everything for him and stop acting like you can do everything for yourself. Men like to feel needed and wanted. You can show him you need and want him by showing him he is good enough to do right by you.

You don’t have to dumb yourself down to keep him. You don’t have to lack respect for yourself to keep a good man. All you need to do is allow him to give to you of his time and efforts. Let him take charge of the relationship.

When you don’t allow a man to take charge, you’ll find yourself entertaining men not worth your time that withdraw too often, act very irresponsible, act extremely flaky and do shady actions that hinder rather than grow the relationship.

Don’t punish yourself like that. You deserve real commitment.

You don’t have to wait for a real man to come around and feel you’re the one. When you’re not satisfied, you need to come to terms that he isn’t pursuing you enough, pampering you enough and treating you like the Queen you are as a woman worthy of a manly man.

When you truly feel safe and loved, he is a keeper. Make him work hard to get you.

All the time you invest in a man means nothing, you need an emotional bond with him. To learn things you can do on a daily basis to make him feel inspired to commit, like Fromgirltogirl on Facebook.

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