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How to Make a Mad Scientist Halloween Costume

How to Make a Mad Scientist Halloween Costume
Zandra Katauskas

A young child who loves science would love to dress up as a Mad Scientist for Halloween, school character day or just every day wear. Science Bob is just one character who makes experimenting fun and educational. Adults and children alike can dress up as a Mad Scientist using many of the materials from home. Supplies needed include:

1. Long sleeve button front shirt
2. White lab coat or an adult size large white long sleeve shirt
3. Protective eye wear
4. Science beaker filled with candy
5. Black chalk or soot from a fireplace
6. Colored hairspray
7. Sharpie
8. Several pens
9. Black face paint

1. Clipboard
2. Tie
3. Goofy socks
4. Pocket protector

To dress the child as a Mad Scientist, cover the long sleeve shirt and white lab coat / large shirt with soot from a fireplace to make it appear like an explosion has occurred. If soot is not available, substitute black chalk. Write “e-mc2” on the lab coat pocket with the black Sharpie. Dress the child in the long sleeve button front shirt, buttoning it crooked. Place the white lab coat over the shirt and fill the lab coat pocket with numerous pens. Roll the sleeves of the white lab coat unevenly.

To make the crazy scientist’s hair, hold the child’s hair on end and spray with colored hairspray (gray or white) to keep it standing up. Add black face paint in streaks across the child’s face to make it appear that he has been “working”. Place the protective eye wear (goggles) on the child’s head. Protective laboratory goggles are available on eBay. As optional accessories, the child can carry a clipboard, wear a neck tie, mismatched goofy socks or a pocket protector.

As a trick or treat bag, carry a black paper bag with the biohazard symbol on it. This skull and crossbones image may be downloaded here:

Due to the recent outbreak of the ebola virus, look for daring adults to dress as mad scientists, sexy ebola patients, healthcare nurses in hazmat gear this Halloween.

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