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How to make a Great First Impression on the First Date

Did you know it only takes 7 seconds or less for a person to decide whether he/she has a bad or good first impression about you? This is especially true for first dates. 7 seconds can be compared to the number of milliseconds for a hummingbird to flap its wings. That is not much time at all.

How will you make the best first date impression?
Photo by Dave Kotinsky

To make sure your first impression on the first date is a great one, you need to keep some things in mind. One thing you need to focus on is your appearance. No matter how wonderful you are, your date will evaluate your appearance. To prepare for this, you want to make sure your attire gives off the impression that you are well groomed and polished.

Fortunately looking good doesn’t mean you have to spend your hard earn money on designer clothes. All you have to do is wear fitting clothing and keep your hair tidy. Keep yourself together and take care of your health. How well you treat yourself will make a good impression with your date.

Next, really talk to your date. Some people on the first date make the conversation similar to a job interview. Who really likes job interviews? No one. You want to come off confident and exciting so you can get that 2nd and 3rd date. Most people who recall their partner being funny and fun to be around on the first date, end up dating long-term.

Keep in mind the time you invest in a first date. A first date is not meant to be long. The average first date should only take 45 minutes to keep up 2nd date anticipation or give a nice clean out if things are not going well.

If everything goes wonderful the first date, you can let your date know as soon as possible that you had a great time. It shows you are not playing games and that will really impress your date if he or she is a good catch.

Make your date feel comfortable being around you. Make your date feel special by paying attention to the little things. It matters.

Happy dating!

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