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How to make a fun spa bag

Spa Bags for the lady in your life
Spa Bags for the lady in your life

If you need a simple small gift or stocking stuffer, you might want to put together a spa bag for that young woman in your life. You can purchase small net bags or you can make them yourself. Purchase some soft netting that is used for bridal veils and cut a 4 x 7 inch rectangle. Sew a hem on both short sides of the rectangle. Fold the bag in half lengthwise and sew together, leaving the hem on the short ends open to place a ribbon draw string for tying up the bag. In using a fabric like the netting you will not have to worry about any fraying at the seams.

Choose one of your favorite crochet or knit patterns and make a washcloth or two that will be placed inside the bag. Makeup remover pads are round crochet pads made to a three inch diameter. You will find a pattern for crocheting a round makeup remover pad on the All Crafts website. Include at least three of the round makeup remover pads in the spa bag.

You could place small bottles of body wash or shampoo in the bag to make it convenient for carrying to the gym, fitness center or the spa.