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How to make a fairy house

How to make a fairy house
Urban Sea Star / Flickr

Fairy houses bring charm and a wee bit of magic to the garden. They range from simple structures of twigs and stone to elaborate designs fit for a queen. Making your own is easier than you may think, especially when you use a premade birdhouse as the base.

If it’s your first time making a fairy house, using a birdhouse as the base is the easiest way to go. It provides the structure while you are free to be creative with the outside of the fairy house without concerns about it collapsing. Don’t worry the fairies won’t mind and no one while be able to tell once the fairy house is completed.

You will need: Birdhouse, twigs, stones, moss, glue, miniatures

  • Get your ideas down on paper or find a picture of a fairy house as your model. This includes deciding if the outside of your fairy house will be wood, stone or a combination.
  • Gather the materials. Look for small flat stones if you want to make a stone house. Keep them all the same size and in scale to the size of the house. If you choose wood, look for natural twigs and cut them to size. You can even choose gravel for the outside of the house, if you prefer.
  • Make the doors and windows before you begin. You can cut the openings in the birdhouse or make solid windows and doors with wooden frames and glue them to the outside.
  • Glue the stones or twigs to the outside of the birdhouse. You can use hot glue if you intend to display it inside, but an outside fairy house needs waterproof silicone to prevent it from coming apart in the weather. When using stones, add silicone between the large stones and fill in between them with gravel to give the appearance of mortar.
  • Cover the existing roof with the material of your choice. Petals of pinecones, small pieces of slate, cut shingles or twigs make attractive roofs, but feel free to be creative and use any material that will hold up to the weather and create the look you desire.
  • Tuck pieces of moss along the roof or in the creases of the walls.

Display you fairy house in your fairy garden or tuck it into groupings of plants to invite playful fairies to the yard. More more ideas on fairy gardening and fairy houses visit All About Fairies.

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