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How to Make a Diego the Animal Rescuer Halloween Costume

Go Diego Go Nick Jr
Go Diego Go Nick Jr
Zandra Katauskas

Go, Diego, Go! is popular Nickelodeon children’s television series featuring a little boy who loves to rescue animals. His partner in rescuing animals is a small jungle animal named Baby Jaguar. For Halloween or costume party play dates, dress your adventurous little boy as Diego the Animal Rescuer. To create a homemade, unique boys costume, the following supplies are needed:

  • Brown or blue cargo shorts
  • Aqua blue tee shirt
  • Vest (Tan fleece or felt)
  • Animal patches
  • Hiking boots or shoes
  • Stuffed plush toy animal
  • Orange paper sack
  • Plastic toy binoculars
  • Toy water canteen
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

To save money on apparel items, check your closets and local thrift stores before shopping at retail stores such as Walmart and Target. Then, dress the child in the tee shirt, shorts and hiking boots. To make Diego’s vest, use tan fleece or felt material and cut into shape. Then, hot glue or sew the animal patch logos on the vest. To complete the Diego the Animal Rescuer costume, add a stuffed plush toy animal or two. For example, a stuffed cheetah beanie baby for Baby Jaguar or a plush animal monkey. Plastic toy binoculars or a water canteen can be hung around the child’s neck as an additional accessory. For the trick or treat Halloween candy bag, use an orange paper sack similar to Diego’s Rescue Pack. One can make the Diego costume into a cute couples costume by having the other participant dress as Dora the Explorer, Baby Jaguar or a map!

Your boy will surely love this costume, with or without Baby Jaguar in tow. After the Halloween costume contests have been won, sell the handmade outfit for profit on eBay! To purchase the orange backpack, “Diego” shorts and new with tags tee shirt, check my eBay store at:

Piece of Scrap on eBay

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