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How to make a Bombe Glacee (no French required.)

What you need. (See article for full list.)
What you need. (See article for full list.)
Theda Fresques

Bombe glacee, or simply bombe in English, is a layered frozen dessert made in half-circle molds. The end-result resembles a cannonball, hence the name. Different variations abound and this is only one of many recipes. It seems intimidating, but this recipe was created and made (with a little help from mom) by a six year old for her dad's birthday. It's no ordinary birthday cake, but it is easy to do with the kids. With a name like that and the end result looking nothing short of an exquisite dessert, you and your kids will have top bragging rights in the entire block. It's "the bomb." (We can't not say that in this article, right?) Quick, let's get started and get over that cringe-worthy cliche.

How to make a Bombe Glacee (no French required.)
Theda Fresques

What you need:
Mint chip ice cream
8 oz carton of heavy whipping cream
4 tablespoons or half a stick of butter, melted
2 tbsp of powdered sugar
Mint oreo (20-25 cookies)
3-4 graduated size mixing bowls
Plastic wrap
Blender or food processor
Your freezer
Lots of patience
More patience

How to:
Place all empty bowls in freezer 2-4 hours, preferrably overnight.

Crush 15-20 oreos into fine crumbs (food processor/blender is fastest). In a bowl, combine melted half a stick of butter and processed oreos until it clumps when pressed together.

Take out the largest bowl; keep the rest in freezer. Lay plastic wrap in bottom of largest bowl with enough to hang over the rim. Make sure you have little to no bubbles. Press oreo crumbs onto plastic-lined, frozen bowl until bottom has even crust. Return to freezer. Set aside the rest of the oreo crumbs.

In the meantime, beat 8 oz of heavy cream adding the 2 tbsp of powdered sugar gradually. Stop when stiff peaks form. Keep cold in fridge. Check if oreo crust has set. If so, carefully and evenly spread a layer of whipped cream on top of crust. Quickly wrap the bottom of the next smaller frozen bowl in plastic wrap. Make sure you have enough past its rim. Set gently onto whipped cream. Return to freezer.

Soften ice cream on counter (but don't let it sit out too long that it's runny.) Check if whipped cream has frozen. If so, very gently pull out the bowl on top of the whipped cream layer. Peel plastic off the whipped cream layer. Spread a layer of softened ice cream directly on whipped cream. Wrap the next smaller bowl with plastic wrap and set on top of ice cream layer. Return to freezer.

Once frozen, remove the topmost bowl and peel plastic wrap off ice cream layer. Gently sprinkle oreo crumbs onto ice cream layer and pat gently into place. Continue until layer is as thick as the other layers. Repeat the whipped cream layer and end with the ice cream as the solid, inner-most layer. Cover and leave in freezer overnight.

Note: Make each layer about 1/2” thick and should come about 1/4”-1/2” below rim and no more. Otherwise, oreo crust might crack upon unmolding. Give each layer at least 2 hours to freeze before removing each bowl, peeling the plastic, and adding the next layer. Working quickly on a cool surface helps.

To unmold, carefully turn bowl upside down on plate. Run warmed hands over the surface of the bowl and bombe should drop onto plate after a few minutes. Peel plastic off bombe. Decorate by piping whipped cream around the bottom and on top. Set a whole oreo cookie on its side or flat on the top of the dome. Stick a fork in it; it's done.

Whether it's cold or hot out, it's hard to say no to a frozen treat. Try three very different, but equally delicious and well-loved places in town.
Teo – has your classic and not-so-classic gelato favorites and while kids down theirs, try an affogato (gelato with espresso poured over it) in case you need the caffeine to chase after the kids on a sugar high. It's a cafe too so they offer more than just ice cream (sandwiches, coffee, and wifi). 1206 W 38th St, Austin, TX 78705 (512) 451-9555

Lick – offers artisanal ice cream with delicious and unexpected flavors in a cone, cup or hand-packed pints. Bench-seating inside and out. Don't worry, it's so good you'll be done eating before it has a chance to melt, so seating and parking always open up quickly. 2032 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 (512) 363-5622

Amy's Ice Creams – a long-time Austin favorite for off-beat and well-loved favorites is Austin's go-to ice cream. You might also get a free ice-cream juggling show. Multiple locations make sure we get our Amy's fix anywhere in town. for all locations.

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