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How to make a $40 pillow for $5

Start out with a base fabric of your choice.
Start out with a base fabric of your choice.

This colorful pillow was made with a 15" x 15" scrap of fabric, left over pillow case fabric and two rolls (6 yards)  of Offray  wired ribbon, $2.49 ea.


The inspiration for this pillow is sold at Pier 1 for $38.  Loved it, but, again, wrong color. Check out the slide show to see the photos.

Step 1. Cut base fabric to whatever size you want the pillow to be and cut the backing fabric the same size.

Step 2. Gather the ruffle element, either by hand or machine. Fabric, ribbon, bias tape, or any number of materials could be used.  Pull the gathering strings to make the ruffle.

Step 3. Apply the ruffle in whatever design you want either by hand or machine.

Step 4. Sew right sides together leaving a space to stuff.

Step 5. Clip the corners on a diagonal, turn pillow inside out, punch out corners with your finger and stuff.

Step 6. Close the opening with blind stitch.


This pillow project is part of the dorm room makeover.  Subcribe to my page to see the final result.

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  • SE Michigan Home & Living Examiner 5 years ago

    A brilliant idea. I'm going to look at my stash of fabric and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jackie DiGiovanni