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How to make 6 figures on YouTube

Jenna Marbles in her Oct. 21, 2013 video "Boyfriends"
Jenna Marbles in her Oct. 21, 2013 video "Boyfriends"
Thanks to Youtube for this screenshot

The YouTube partner program, created in 2007, pays their “partners” for making videos that get a lot of views.

There are more than a million partners in more than 300 countries making money on YouTube videos.

YouTube says that thousands of channels are earning over six figures a year already.

All a person or company has to do is create a YouTube channel, become a partner, monetize their videos, and start making money. But the videos have to be good enough that many people will watch them as partners are paid based on views, likes, and subscribers. Of course they also have to follow YouTube’s terms of use policy as well.

There are now thousands of advertisers paying to use “TrueView” to put in-stream ads on popular videos, and overall there are more than a million businesses using Google ad platforms that generate ads like you see at the right, top side of video pages.

YouTube says a majority of the advertisers are small businesses.

So, what can a single channel do to get more views and subscribers? Well, many of the top earning Youtubers have made videos about just that, because more views means more money on monetized videos.

The Examiner has compiled a list (in no particular order) of advice top YouTube earners have given.

YouTuber Cory Williams, who has 582,777 subscribers, gave three points regarding YouTube success.

1 “To get more views, try posting tutorial videos,” Williams said.

He added that he learned how to use a mac and rip a phone book in half from YouTube, thus he was thinking about what he would like to see if he was a viewer.

2 Williams also recommends making collaborations, which are videos that feature you and another YouTube personality.

“Think about it, if you collaborate with somebody then all their viewers and all your viewers are going to watch this video,” Williams said.

3 Third, Williams says to not pay attention to or respond to “haters”.

“Haters” leave negative comments on YouTube. They say mean things.

YouTuber Derral Eves also weighed in on what works for him.

4 Knowing your audience is important, so he advises newbies to see who’s searching your video at what day and time. This way you know “when kids are in school”, and you know the time zone the people who watch your videos most live in.

5 He also says that having a really specific title and custom thumbnail can help viewers find your video better.

6 Of course, his last hint is to “have great content”. He says that great content is content that will engage the viewer.
On channel Charlieissocoollike, a young man named Charlie has over 2 million subscribers.

7 Charlie says to get rid of all copyrighted “stuff” like music and logos. Copyrighted material in your videos will make YouTube worried about being sued.

8 He also says to get rid of abusive language like swearing. So, professionalism is appreciated, but that is not the case for all videos.

9 You must also have a plan going into your videos says Charlie. If your videos are scattered, your viewers will have a hard time staying with you for the whole video.

10 One thing that Charlie says that is not commonly echoed is that YouTube loves to feature creators that can “be artsy”. If you can do something with color and homemade music or invent some sort of art project or circumstances that people will appreciate as art, you could get featured by YouTube. Being featured can really help with views.

YouTuber Gideon Shalwick says that he generates 4,000 views a day, and told about what is working for him on his multiple channels.

11 Shalwick says that filling out all of his description boxes under his YouTube videos has greatly helped him generate traffic for his social media and other websites. Then, he can turn around and tell his social media followers about new videos.

12 Participating in competitions is also a good way to generate views says Shalwick.

Youtuber Hayley Segar has 5 million channel views. She says that she has shared rules that she has seen work for other people, but she admits she didn’t actually follow some of these rules herself.

13 She said that she likes to see “nice videos that you take your time on”. More people will watch videos that have a certain quality.

14 Making videos regularly such as once a week can help get your new videos views. “That sort of consistency is what will draw people back to your channel,” Segar said. She referenced how Jenna Marbles makes one video every single Wednesday.

15 “Don’t spam!” said Segar. Don’t go to more popular channels and comment that people should check out your channel. This is more of an etiquette thing, but if you do that it will be flagged as spam and erased immediately. So, it is overall a waste of energy.

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