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How to love your enemy

Loving your sisters and brothers is not always easy!
Loving your sisters and brothers is not always easy!
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When we talk about love, it's easy to get mixed up about what that really means. Love can be nurturing, gentle, kind, generous and even romantic. But what about when we are advised to "love our enemy"? To help with this, you must open your definition of Love.

Love, or being loving, can also mean to live with Higher Awareness. This is known as thinking with God or operating from the Divine Mind rather than from the ego, which is the separated self.

When dealing with difficult or unpleasant people or circumstances, you can respond from that higher, wiser, compassionate place within your being that knows that we are all connected by an energy greater than ourselves. When someone is showing up in your life who is difficult or even victimizing, we can choose to validate their negative behavior with justifications and judgments about them, or we can choose to see peace instead.

The way we choose peace is not to condone the behavior or even try to fix it. Instead, we ask Spirit to remind us of the Divine Truth of that other person - even if they have forgotten it. We can then see that their actions are coming from pain or fear and we can ask our Higher Power to assist that person in healing the pain that is behind their attack.

Believe it or not, by resisting the temptation to judge the other person for their actions and instead, simply seeing the pain beneath the ugly picture they are showing us is all that is asked of us. Our Higher Mind gives the miracle -or the shift in perception - to us.

It's not up to us to change the other person in any way. Our only requirement is to remember that they are one with us on the level of spirit and to allow our earthly perception of them to be healed for us by the most loving part of our higher consciousness.

We are spiritual beings, but we are having a human experience. Sometimes we have to deal with unpleasant and sometimes awful behavior from other spiritual beings that are having their own human experiences! The key is to remember that we are essentially One and that though it is tempting to point fingers and defend ourselves and have judgments, we really do have a more loving option. This option is not just loving towards the other person who is pushing our buttons, but actually loving towards our own selves as well.

When “loving our enemy”, we are not being asked to take on their pain and heal it for them, and we are not being asked to be a doormat and take their abuse. We are, however, being asked to see them differently and that is all.

First, we must leave a little space where we are simply not judging the other person. Then, Spirit can do the actual healing, as it is intended for everyone's highest good. This act of forgiveness gets us out of the way and back to a place of Higher Self expression.

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