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How to love your body every step of the way-weigh

How to love your body every step of the way-weigh CLIP
How to love your body every step of the way-weigh CLIP
Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons

Introduction: Imagine that every time you condemn yourself for being overweight, your inner child is trapped in an icy tomb. The only way you can free her and yourself is to embrace and love your body as it is this very moment.

Things you’ll need

* A vivid imagination

* A grateful heart

* Notebook or Diary and pen

* Blog (optional)

Step 1: After putting on a lot of weight, have you ever stood in front of a mirror and put yourself down?

Years ago, I must admit that I was guilty of frequently saying words similar to these: “You’re fat and ugly! No man in his right mind will ever want to be with you!”

Step 2: Imagine that your inner child, the playful, loving part of your inner being, heard those scary sounds, ran into a small hut to escape, the door slammed shut, and she was trapped. Your inner child discovers that other than a hard chair and bare cot, there are no comforts and no way to escape.

Step 3: Now imagine that as you continue to throw those word weapons at your stomach, your breasts, your hips, and your thighs, sleet and snow piles up outside the hut. Then, the inside of the hut also becomes coated with the snow and ice. Your inner child is slowly freezing to death.

Step 4: Imagine that an angel takes pity on your inner child. The angel makes a coat appear inside the hut that your inner child can wear. With that added warmth, you find yourself starting to feel better. Unfortunately, this feeling of well-being doesn’t last.

Step 5: Every time you find an outfit you can’t fit into, a guy who snubs you, someone who rejects you due to your weight, another weight loss scheme that doesn’t work, or see a picture or commercial of a slim model or actress, your word weapons intensify. The angel gives your poor inner child another coat or blanket to wear. Before long, the only part of your inner child’s body that can be seen is a bit of her face.

Step 6: One day, you become aware that this poor inner child exists. Perhaps your intuition or this angel alerted you. Perhaps it is due to reading this article. Since you are a person of compassion, you promise to try to release your inner child from her icy prison.

Step 7: Stand in front of the mirror and look for something complimentary you can say about your body. Start with the easy stuff. Perhaps you can say things like this:

* You have beautiful brown eyes.

* You have a pretty smile that can light up a room.

* You have small, graceful wrists.

* Jewelry looks really pretty on you.

* The color pink and the color yellow look really good on you.

* You have long, slender fingers like a piano player’s hands.

* You have pretty feet.

* You have pretty hair.

Be aware that the ice is beginning to thaw outside that lonely hut.

Step 8: Perhaps you recall taking a Fine Arts class where you saw those Ruben paintings of women with curves who were pleasingly plumb and Rubenesque. Be aware that your body also resembles those lovely paintings. You too would have been considered lovely and desirable by the painter and his fans. Celebrate this fact. The more you celebrate your Rubenesque body, the more you believe it to be true. The more you believe it to be true, be aware that huge chunks of ice and snow melted all around the outside of that hut. Notice you feel some easing of your pain. Feel a sense of gratitude for that heart’s ease.

Step 9: Stand in front of the mirror. Really feel a sense of appreciation for your beautiful body. Say things such as the following:

* Look at your shapely hips!

* Look at your curvy bust!

* Look at your round stomach!

* Look at how sexy you are!

Put on some enticing music and practice moving in a sensual, alluring-type way. As you do so, know that the ice is now beginning to melt from inside the hut. Even though your inner child is still insulated in her layers of coats and blankets, she is finding the hut a lot more comfortable.

Step 10: As you continue practicing loving your body as it currently is, know that your inner child is finally able to shed some of those layers of coats and blankets. Should you backslide, apologize sincerely, and once again practice celebrating the current shape of your body every step of the way and weigh. Find clothes for Plus Size Women that help you look the best you can be. Wear make-up that is becoming. As you really feel love for yourself, know that one day, your inner child will be released from her prison, and she will be able to walk outside wearing only a sun dress. At that point, you can invite her to live in the garden of your heart. You and your inner child are truly free.

Warning:* Be aware that every time you issue a hateful message about any part of your body, you are freezing out your inner child.* Write about this process in a notebook, diary, or blog to help give the process and result more power.


* Know that this is a parable of what is truly going on inside of you. The more you love yourself and your body every step of the way and no matter what you weigh, the more successful you will eventually be in meeting your weight-loss goals.

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