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How to lose your mind and create a new one

“We should never wait for permission form science to do the uncommon. When we do that we are turning science into another religion. We should be brave enough to do what we think will make others talk, laugh or what is ‘outside the box.’ When we are doing it repeatedly, being our own self, we are on our way to the most grand personal power.” -Dr. Joe Dispenza.

How to lose your mind and create a new one

Proof or permission, is that really what we are looking for? In his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create A New One, he tells us we need to demonstrate the very things we want to actually see and live in the world. When we do this we give people the permission to do the same.

You were never doomed by your genes, or the path of your parents, neighborhood etc.

The era of personal growth is jumping by quantum leaps right now. Where in the world do we see greatness? We are the people we have been waiting for. When you break free from the banners and badges of the self, habits, that you carry and use to explain yourself and your way of being, is love, self love and respect for life. It gives you true genius, true opportunity and true love.

When you are faced with adversity after adversity, it yields a tremendous reward

Television and radio, and what you see and hear has nothing to do with our true greatness. We come loaded with all of the great resources, you have the greatest mind and will inside you greater than any other mind or will. You have to believe in that quantum field.

What would greatness do today, what could I do greatly today

Emotions are records of the past. How would greatness think today? I am not going to get up until I feel I am this great person. Something different is going to happen in your life , in your future. So get up in the state of love and gratitude and genius and maintain that state all day.

When a fear pops up, it happens all the time. It’s created from the past, anger, fear, disgust… it only lasts from 90 seconds to two minutes, anything longer than that and you are faking it to make others think you are a certain way or stuck in your past. Shorten your reaction time to the memories of emotions, to become the new you, so the past doesn’t become a part of your identity.

How do people get better just by changing their mind

By doing the same thing. They became a new personality, a new person. If you live by a state of experiences that caused resentment, for example, for years and then it becomes, a mood or a temperament, a part of their personality. In other words, it becomes so automatic and familiar, that the person doesn’t even realize it because they have lived it so long. They don’t know how to shorten the refractory period.

It was that emotion that kept signaling to the same gene that the same experience is going on over years. The resentment signal keeps pushing the same genetic button. The body feels its living in this same hard wired situation emotionally all of these years. Once you change your mind, it signals to the body that a new signal and emotion is being sent out and the disease can no longer survive in the new body and mind, so it goes away.

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