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How to lose weight in three easy steps.

miami health examiner  - lose weight in 3 simple steps
miami health examiner - lose weight in 3 simple steps
miami health examiner - carol lent

Obesity. It is the number one cause of most health problems in today's world. It is a proven fact according to CDC studies that show the root causes for obesity lie in environment, genetics and other factors. There are serious consequences to being overweight. Some of those consequences are coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers, hypertension. You can fight obesity and even if you're not obese and you just want to loose a little extra weight, these three steps will help you in that journey.
# BeActive: Becoming more active can be a challenge. Hopefully one challenge that you're seeking forward to conquer. In today's world there are many reasons why people have become immobile. For the most part, people are too busy at work, there are not enough sidewalks, there is no form of public transport. These are just some of the reasons why you would be immobile at the moment. How do you become more active? You make activity a goal on your to-do list. You can purchase a pedometer for a small fee, or download an app on your smart phone that will help you track your movement. Park farther away from the entrance of public places you visit like the store or the library. Ensure that you get up and walk around the office at least once every hour, or at least stand at your cubicle and stretch every so often.

Drink more water! This step is so simple, that it's no wonder why more people don't do it. Our bodies are made up of 80% of water. When hydrated, our insides will work better because the water we drink provides our blood cells with oxygen that is needed for our body to function better. When we ingest more water, our kidneys will work better, releasing more toxins from our bodies and in turn making us much more efficient. Oxygen in our blood cells diminish the possibilities of cancer in our cells. Oxygen is a great combat for cancer.

Eat Healthy! The third step is simple, but can be overwhelming for some, and this is to eat healthy. Eating healthy doesn't mean eat more, or eat less for that matter. There are many people that are already programmed to an eating pattern that is not a healthy one. In an attempt to lose the weight they tend to eat incorrectly, getting into empty calorie consumption, fad dieting and in the long run, causing more harm than good to their bodies. What you eat will determine how much energy your body releases. You want to ensure that you have the best possible energy, both to use and for your organs to do their job well. The hard task of breaking down everything that we consume causes our body to lose energy. Couple that with the added work we add on by eating the wrong things, it's no wonder our bodies are overworked and under-energized. In order to know what will be best for you in your eating habits, I suggest that you visit a dietician that will give you a plan based on your needs. Healthy eating goes farther in the long run that you know.

Hopefully, you will find a way to make sure that you begin your journey to a healthier you by following these three very easy, very simple steps that everyone tends to overlook. Remember, if you're in doubt - don't - if you feel the need to see a specialist before going into some fad or other dieting plan or workout plan, then by all means tend to yourself. No one will look out for you better than you can look out for yourself.
To a Happier, Healthier You!

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