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How to lose weight and burn body fat fast

Cut red meat out to lose weight
Cut red meat out to lose weight
Photo by Joe Raedle

There are many healthy ways to lose weight rapidly and burn body fat fast. The key word here is "healthy" since there have been many ways introduced that are not recommended, especially starving yourself, which results in the "catabolic" effect, where muscle burns up and long term metabolism therefore slows down, which ultimately leads to a counter effect and long term fat storage and weight gain.

Many people try to lose weight by "crash dieting", or doing fad diets like the Atkins diet, which is ultimately an unhealthy approach, as both of these also lead to a loss of muscle mass and a slowing down of the long term metabolism system. Still, there are some really effective healthy ways you could drop fat and pounds fast.

Here they are:

1. Cut Red Meat Out From Your Diet

Red meat and its' forms such as steaks, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, meatloaf, meatballs, bologna, pepperoni, sausage, and more must go. The simple substitute replacement: chicken, fish, turkey or shellfish, all steamed or baked with no seasoning or outer additives added other than spices.

Red meat is unnecessary and much higher in overall calories and saturated fat that will cease weight loss and body fat loss, especially if you want to lose weight and body fat rapidly. Other saturated fattening foods that fall into a similar category are dairy products, especially milk, cheese, and creams. Whole milk is the worst, but skim milk is acceptable in moderate amounts as it lacks fat and gives the body calcium for bone density, along with a shot of lean protein.

2. Eliminate Soda

Cut out the extra calories and glycemic index spiking high fructose corn syrup found in soda. Each serving is at least 130 calories of nothing but sugar that adds up to fat storage when you could be consuming "calorie free" drinks instead. This alone can help you shed up to 2-3 pounds a week of body fat.

3. Cut Out ALL Soft Drinks

Even soft drinks and beverages such as gatorade, orange juice, iced tea, and fruit juice have the same overall effect as soda when it comes to weight loss. They are essentially "empty calories" packed with unneeded sugar that spike glycemic index and therefore lead to additional fat storage that is unnecessary. So stop buying and consuming drinks that have empty calories that will prevent weight loss.

4. Do Extra Amounts of Cardio, Especially Running

Running, or jogging, is the quickest way to burn extra calories fast. Just taking 30 minutes out of your day each day and going for a jog is enough to burn 450 calories or more. If you really want to lose weight and fat fast, though, increase your cardio to 45 minutes to an hour a day, where you can burn double that amount- up to 900-1000 calories a day.

5. Weight Lift

Weightlifting in combination with running and the other listed recommendations not only adds additional calorie loss, it also increases lean muscle mass and helps prevent muscle deterioration from the extra cardio, which in turn helps to keep your body solid and strong, and your metabolic rate functioning at optimum levels.

6. Drink a Gallon of Water A Day

Water aids in rapid weight loss by flushing out excess salt that retains carbs, keeping the body in its' optimal "alkaline" state, where metabolism function remains the highest, and by ridding of excess water. It keeps the body hydrated during them long workouts, and keeping the body's PH scale alkaline rather than acidic has numerous overall health benefits, including cancer prevention.

7. Cut Out Snacks From your Diet

Snacks have virtually no healthy nutritious benefits whatsoever, especially compared with fruits and vegetables. These fall into the "empty calorie" category and can only lead to more fat storage, or at least prevent rapid fat loss. They are mainly comprised of simple carbohydrates and sugars, in addition to saturated fats, all of which make it harder to shed pounds and weight. Even though you may like to snack a lot, doing so makes it nearly impossible to lose weight and fat quickly. The best thing to do is to substitute snacks like these with fruits, especially apples, plums, and oranges.

8. Eliminate Pizza (Or Your Favorite Foods)

Everybody has their favorite junk food- whether it's ice cream, pizza, donuts, cakes, pies, fast food, or pasta dinners- none of which contribute to or aid in rapid fat loss or weight loss. In fact, each does the opposite. They add huge amounts of extra calories and fat calories the body doesn't need, and they will make it that much harder to see the fat and weight come off. So you must eliminate them.

9. Cut Out Bread

Bread is another form of an "empty calorie" food, and it will only add extra pointless calories to your weight loss and body fat loss. There is virtually no nutritious content in bread- it is only simple carbohydrate that barely even has fiber in it, relatively speaking. It is just another one of those foods that will only negate any rapid weight loss and fat loss progress you make, and put the pounds back on. Cut out all simple sugars and simple carbohydrates, especially bread and mashed potatoes, if you really are serious about dropping body fat and weight rapidly.

10. Increase Green Vegetables and Green Leafy Vegetables

Green vegetables and green leafy vegetables are incredibly low in calories, yet have amazing amounts of nutritious benefits. Sometimes referred to as "zero sum" foods, or "negative calorie foods", due to the effect they have on the metabolic system, they aid in your feeling of fullness (sateity), while offering half the calories per serving of their antithesis- breads, snacks, and potatoes. In addition, they yield abundant energy that will come in handy when it comes to those long runs and weightlifting sessions.

If you follow this advice, you will immediately see a dramatic change in your weight and body fat composition. Sure it requires discipline, as does anything worthwhile, but you will find in the end that it is well worth it!

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