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How to lose a guy

Get that ring on your finger
Get that ring on your finger
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Have you ever seen the movie "How to lose a guy in 10 days or less", if not check it out, it is totally worth watching, especially if you are in the dating world.

What most women don't realize is that we do exactly what we should not do when we are dating a guy. We get comfortable too soon, we start seeing ourselves in their lives full time, we start wanting to nest right away. What this does is totally scare the heck out of men! They take much longer to fall in love then women do and they scare easily!

Example, it literally took my fiance' 1 year and 10 days to say "I love you" to me. Most women would have jumped ship long before, but I was patient and knew it was right. I had made one mistake, I got comfortable. So what did I do to shake things up? Simple, I kept in touch with old boyfriends and I even answered the phone when they called. I made myself less available to him and got a little busier. I was not out dating other guys, but we had made no commitments to each other, so I was free to do what I wanted to do in the dating department. When a man your dating feels he may lose you, he will do one of two things, he will step up to the plate and make a commitment or he will leave. It's a risk but well worth it, if he leaves, he wasn't a man you really wanted to be in a relationship with anyway!

You must really know your situation and make sure this is a relationship you really want or are willing to lose.

Take your time, don't tell him what you are doing, be strong and then take a risk. It may just be worth it.

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