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How to Look Sexy Without Being Too Over the Top

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Every woman wants to look and feel sexy, but it can be easy to cross the line. Going over the top with the sexiness can make you look like you are trying too hard to be sexy or even easy and can give off a negative impression. These tips will help you come across as a beautiful, sexy lady without the over the top sexiness.

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Shoe Choice

The key to the perfect shoe is to choose your shoe according to the occasion. While wearing a heel is appropriate for work or formal wear, beware of a too high heel in a bold color. So, instead of wearing a stiletto in a neon color, choose something more classic. In general, a mid-heeled pump in a neutral color is a good choice that is both sexy and understated and works from the office to date night.

Balancing Act

If you choose to go bold with a red high heel or hot pink skinny jeans, be careful about what you wear with it. A good rule of thumb is to balance the look; so, the higher and bolder the heel, the simpler and more classic your clothes choice. The same goes for your top and bottom garments; pair tighter fitting pants with a looser shirt and vice versa. For example, wear your tight jeans with a flowing blouse or your little black dress with a red heel.

Flaunt It Without Baring It

You can come across as being sexy without showing too much skin. In general, say no to crack, specifically the crack of your rear and your cleavage. While low cut pants may be trendy, a pair of ill-fitting pants does not say sexy. Similarly, while it's acceptable to wear a flattering top that is moderately low, bursting out at the top is taking the sexy look way too over the top! Instead, a good choice would be to pair a good-fitting pant with a blouse that fits well. A great way to show off your figure without showing off your skin is to wear a form fitting dress that is covering. A long sleeve knee length sexy party dress that hugs the body and shows off curves is a popular choice right now.

Accentuate the Positive

You'll look and feel sexy if you dress in a way that shows off your assets. Many women with curvy shapes look amazing in a dress that cinches at the waist while girls with great legs should wear a mid-length skirt. We all have figure flaws, but if you dress to focus on what you do like about yourself, others will notice your confidence, and that's sexy!

Yes, it is possible to look sexy without taking it too far. Choosing your clothing and shoes wisely will help you look beautiful, classy, and sexy.