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How to Look like a Million Dollars for Less

I live in Southern California, home to Hollywood starlets and hunks. Though my house isn’t in the same zip code as many well-known actors, it’s as if the entire state of California is enamored with looking as my brother says, “To the nines!”

I’m a lowly employee of the local government with minimal discretionary money to dress in Armani shirts, drape my wrist with a Rolex watch or drive a white, blacked out Audi A8. As you can see, I haven’t put much thought into this…wink.

Let’s face it, many of us only feel good about ourselves if we look the part. I don’t subscribe to this sentiment but as I peruse discussion forums, magazine advertisements and blog comments about fashion, I see society wrapped up in the way they look. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look presentable, but not at retail cost.

Pre-owned Rolex Watches

I’m a Movado type of watch lover. I like the simple, yet elegant design of the diamond encrusted face and blackened numberless background. From time to time, a Rolex watch will catch my eye. I frequent a Rolex Blog which provides information about pre-owned Rolex watches, as well as, what models are out there.

Rolex aficionados need to check out The Rolex Passion Reboot blog. Anything and everything you wanted to know about Rolex watches is neatly contained in this blog.

The Alleys

It’s a well-known fact retail mark-ups on clothing range from 100%-300%. Clothing seems to be the largest consumer mark up, so I recommend buying clothing from stores offering wholesale prices. If you live in Los Angeles, California, The Santee Alley also known as “The Alleys,” provides a plethora of vendors who sell clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, toys, flowers and other products at super cheap prices.

At The Alleys, the only drawbacks are the drive and crowds. Bring walking shoes and cash. I don’t trust the ATM machines lining the streets. More and more stores accept VISA/MASTECARD, but again I wouldn’t risk sliding my card in any of those stores.

Buying Overseas

A decade ago, I sold shoes on Ebay to supplement my income. I did so because of an article I read about Nike and their unfair labor practices in China. With a list of the factories they used all around the world, I searched for contact information, befriended an employee of a factory and begin my shoe selling empire. Unfortunately, it was short-lived as Nike agents removed my fraudulent products from Ebay.

As a result of my search efforts, I found global trade sites such as and, where manufactures offered products in every category—at bulk prices. If you have cash and can stomach the risk of buying from overseas vendors, these two sites may be your ticket to resale dreams.

Looking like a million dollars shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. As I mentioned before, I don’t come from money nor do I make enough money to wear the latest threads but the alternatives above will allow you to look good without sacrificing your entire check.

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