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How to look for a new job while you’re still employed

Lokking for a new job
Lokking for a new job

So you’re lucky enough to still have a job even though many of your friends and acquaintances have lost theirs. That doesn’t mean you have to stay there if you’re not happy.

Looking for another job can be a full time job in itself; it’s not easy to find the time outside your regular work time to do it. But there are ways to balance your job search with your workload, even though you may still be tied to the old job.

You may be tempted to search on line while at work or during your lunch break, but Googling job opportunities and running off copies of your resume may put your job in jeopardy. Your company will probably not condone your looking for another job on their time. And, they can check your emails and on-line searches whenever they want to, without your knowledge.

Instead of trying to schedule interviews during the work day, you might be better off to take a personal business day. This will also take care of the problem of dressing for an interview, especially if the dress code at your present job is casual. You don’t want to turn up in a suit when everyone else is wearing blue jeans. Another option, is to schedule interviews, upgrade your resume, and search for job openings after work.

And, don’t forget to network. Make sure you let your friends know you are looking, and be sure to attend conferences, workshops, and professional meetings. Joining committees is also a good idea. You will have many opportunities to spread the word about your search. And, most importantly, don’t slack off on your work at your present job. Keep the same behavior patterns as usual. Happy hunting!