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How to look chic in hot weather

Looking fabulous? No sweat.

Spring will soon turn to summer. Just like we saw exceptionally cold weather for winter, forecasters are predicting exceptionally high temps this summer. Be prepared with a summer wardrobe that works for you.

#HowTo hone your personal style

Prints are your friend. With prints you get a lot of fashion bang for the buck because it's one-stop styling that requires little accessories, which means you're cool, comfortable and fuss-free. This means print tops, skirts, pants and dresses that allow for easy styling with solids.

Don't forget the texture. Hot weather means wearing less clothing, but also looking to lightweight fabrics. Cotton can get boring, so look for mesh, sheer and open knit details that make sleeves, panels and hemlines interesting, even if you're sporting a solid hue in a basic shape.

The right undergarments. It isn't glamorous to talk about, but when it's hot outside, you need undergarments that support and never constrain or stifle. Find a bra with a microfiber band, which will make it more breathable than nylon or spandex. For underwear, go with cotton or bamboo, which is light and breathes.

Beauty matters. We know, we know. The heat is often associated with melting makeup so making your face routine weather-friendly is a must. When you're wearing airy solids or denim cutoffs, put-together beauty will make you look and feel in control even in sweltering heat.

Slip-on shoes. If you're pounding the city pavement you know sandals can leave feet grubby. Slip-on sneakers are all the rage, but there are also a plethora of ballet flats and espadrilles to choose from for summer. Shoes you can slip on as you're out the door rule when the heat is on.

Dresses, dresses and more dresses. Like prints, it's one-stop style that's easy and breezy in the heat. Eyelet details, laser cut trim and floaty cotton will keep you cool even when it's hot.

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