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How to locate federal hearings as resources for writers

Federal documents, including Congressional hearings, are a rich source of material for writers.  

The Government Printing Office gives a writer access to virtually every unclassified document produced by the federal government.  Since government documents are ordinarily published without copyright protection, the federal publications offer not only demographic details for article writers, but quotes from government officials and copies of federal regulations, bills, and hearings.

The Congressional Record is your source for quotes from members of the Senate and the House, but also for quotes from anyone appearing at a federal hearing.   The Federal Register includes presidential orders, and The Congressional Record shows bills and amendments as they move through Congress.  The Record also includes material that members of Congress post for their colleagues or voters to read and can range far afield from the day's official actions.

The Government Printing Office is also your access point for publications as varied as recipes and CIA reports on foreign travel.   You'll find crime statistics that are relevant for local articles as well as weather and gardening tips.   

One helpful resource is the list of federal depository libraries, which have published copes of documents you might not find in your branch library.   In Albuquerque, the federal depository libraries are the University of New Mexico library and the University's Law Library.


  • Marsha Thole, Albuquerque Weight Loss Examiner 5 years ago


    Thanks for the quick links. Despite the Internet and Google, it is not always as easy as people think it would be when it comes to researching data, especially government data. You would think it would be easy, but it isn't.

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