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‘How to Live to 100’ is ‘Goin’ Back to Cauli’ on Cooking Channel

On Friday night's “How to Live to 100” hosted by Chef Jason Wrobel, This vegan chef to the stars who believes that everyone should live to be 100 and wants to help those who agree.

Chef Jason Wrobel star of How to Live to 100
Cooking Channel

On this episode titled “Goin’ Back to Cauli,” Jason will infuse his own humor into the recipes he has prepared for all to try. Jason even gives some good advice about detoxing one's body.

Cauliflower comes in four wonderful colors, so as not to be bored, and contains phytonutrients that act like scrubbing bubbles in one’s system that clean out the things left there from eating things like burgers and pizza.

Jason is going to make tacos, using cauliflower to replace the meat. By putting the raw florets in the processor to the right consistency; then sautéing onions, diced jalapeno for just a few minutes. Subsequently he added the cauliflower, cumin, garlic, chili powder, coriander and some tomato sauce. Then for protein, he added cooked lentils and the rest of the spices. Jason guarantees that your family will never know the difference because the spices and flavors are there. Add guacamole, lettuce, and salsa, in your taco shell and you will love it.

Jason then told viewers about free-radicals that bounce around our bodies and cause cell damage. Cauliflower with their antioxidants comes to rescue the body from these destroyers and stomp them out. Jason headed over to see his friend Sunny at her café. She is under the weather, so he is bringing her soup and a bouquet of flowers; cauliflowers. He brought her cauliflower bisque, loaded with liquid goodness, and then she called him a dork for bringing the cauliflower bouquet!

Next Jason made Buffalo hot “wings” using cauliflower to replace the chicken, and he brought them to his sensei Roshi.

Next stop was Atlanta's restaurant, Bhojanic, where he and chef Archna Becker whip up Alu Gobhi, a classic Indian dish that highlights cauliflower. Jason has been hooked on Alu Gobhi since he was a kid in Detroit.

He went back to visit Sunny, and asked her if she wanted to taste something cheesy but without cheese. It was his Cheesy Cauliflower “Popcorn” that was enjoyed by Sunny, himself and Roshi on this episode of “How to Live to 100.”

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