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‘How to Live to 100’ goes ‘Cuckoo for Coconuts’ on Cooking Channel

Chef Jason Wrobel star of How to Live to 100
Chef Jason Wrobel star of How to Live to 100
Cooking Channel

On last night’s Cooking Channel episode of “How to Live to 100,” host and vegan chef Jason Wrobel, believes that everyone should live to be 100 and wants to help those who plan to meet the challenge. Find Jason’s recipes for this episode here.

On this episode titled “Cuckoo for Coconuts,” Jason Wrobel, along with his spiritual food guru Roshi Joe and his best friend and muse, Sunny will help this chef give viewers recipes using the meat, milk, oil and water of this versatile fruit, that will entice them to join his vegan crusade. When Jason meets with Roshi Joe, he was asked a question; what gives you meat, milk, oil, water and nut all in one portable container? Jason knew the answer was the versatile coconut, which is a fruit, a nut and a seed.

Jason went on to tell viewers that one does not need a pricey gym supplement to get energy. A coconut can produce energy by supplying riboflavin that supports cell growth and increases the body’s ability to produce energy. The oil from the coconut can boost your thyroid to ramp up your power supply. Coconut water keeps you hydrated.

Jason went on to make Coconut Milk Risotto with Asparagus that looked delicious and because of the coconut milk, was extra creamy. Coconut milk and coconut oil are both great for boosting your metabolism, which helps to burn unwanted fat.

Next, Jason went on to make Creamy Coconut Chickpeas with Sweet Potatoes. First he roasted the sweet potatoes. If using canned chickpeas in this recipe, boil them for ten minutes and drain. When he served the mixture over the roasted sweet potatoes, it was a protein-rich delight.

For dessert, he made Coconut Strawberry Banana Cream Pie that he brought to his best friend Sunny. She already had a Coconut Pie on her menu and challenged him to make something different.

So Jason will make Coconut Ceviche. But before he does, he went to meet with his friend, Chef David Sweeney at Cakes & Ale. David made Jason Coconut Lime Vinaigrette Salad made with coconut vinegar and topped with toasted coconut.

Jason then talked about fiber in coconut. Meat has zero fiber, but coconut meat has nine grams of fiber in each 100 grams or one-third of the recommended daily allowance. This fiber keeps a colon healthy. Jason went on to make Coconut Lime Ceviche, unlike ones made with fish; this is a vegan dish. Jason used the back of a spoon on the halved coconut to remove the meat; it came out in one large piece and has the texture similar to calamari. He cut it in small cubes and added lime juice with a bit of orange juice. Then he added several vegetables and let it sit in the fridge for at least a half hour. Sunny loved the delicious treat.

When Jason went to see Roshi Joe, he already knew that he was using coconuts in his recipes. He knew about the energy that Jason got from the coconut and then sent him with kettle bells to climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro on this episode of “How to Live to 100.”

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