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How to live independently as you age

Mobility is the key to independent living as we age
Mobility is the key to independent living as we age
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It is the ability to walk without assistance.

It is the key to independent living as the population ages.

Many take mobility for granted. Unfortunately, with age, often comes limited mobility.

However, Yale University reports that with just a daily 20-minute walk, older adults can help stave off major disability and enhance the quality of their later years.

This study is the largest randomized controlled trial ever conducted on physical activity and health education in older adults (aged 70 to 89).

Participants were split into two groups.

  • one group walked 20 minutes a day
  • the other group received educational material about healthy aging

After more than two years, the seniors in the walking group had an 18% lower risk of major mobility disability.

These seniors were more capable of walking without assistance for about a quarter-mile and more apt to have an independent lifestyle.

Take Action

Don’t wait! Exercise is a habit most easily adapted when young.

You do not need to become a marathon runner or even enter into a 5K race.

A walk around the neighborhood or even on a treadmill is a great place to start.

Just get into a simple routine of walking now and the benefits will last a lifetime!

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