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How to Live as a Lover... of Your Life! A Self-Love Dialogue

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Asa Soltan Rahmati, the Persian Pop Priestess of Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset.” Asa is a beautiful study on how to live your life as art. The performance artist and creator of alkaline Diamond Water has many lessons to share on how to love yourself.

Asa of "Shahs of Sunset"
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Asa embodies the Rumi quote, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Find her on Twitter @AsaSoltan.
Abiola: Greetings, Asa! Let’s begin.

Asa: For me, being on TV is a very powerful thing. I didn’t realize it at first. “Shas of Sunset” is really a hit and a lot of people watch it. It’s a commercial success. With that comes I think a lot of responsibility, I take it very seriously.
I think there’s lots of people who want to teach and they don’t live by their own example. But I would like my own life to be an inspiration for others who are also on this journey with me. I don’t want to just say it and live another life that has nothing to do with what I’m saying. That’s really important to me.

Abiola: Learning how to walk my talk was really important so I completely get that. Well, things get blown out of proportion on TV. Like all great artists you’re a visionary and like all visionaries you’re not always understood. I believe that you have lessons in abundance to teach us with Diamond Water for example.

I know that it was controversial when you buried $30,000 in gold coins in your yard which I thought was a great prosperity visualization. Asa, can you please explain to us the significance of the gold in the earth and the foundation and the law of attraction, all of that.

Asa: That’s a good question. Everything that I do, I like to think of sacred spaces. Even when I wake up in the morning, the way I make my tea, I create a sacred space for myself where I sit down. I take the first breaths in the morning, take my tea, focus on my day.

Similarly when I was building this house, I was building house from the foundation of what a blessing that is. These coins are something that have been in my family for a while so I have them. Before they pour the concrete, I just did a ritual. I worked around the premise. I brought some sage. I put rose petals because intuitively I felt like rose petals will be a wonderful for me to celebrate this moment of building a house. And I put the gold for abundance in the future and also wealth of heart.

I’m just that way. I think it’s really, really important for each and one of us to find sacred space and sacred rituals for us and everything that we do. It is not a religious thing.

Abiola: Yes. That’s what happens when people say, “Wow, five years or ten years pass and I didn’t notice that the time passed.” It’s because you’re not taking those moments. You’re not creating those rituals and being grounded in the present moment.

Asa, although you are a Persian pop priestess, everybody has moments of fear and depression. Can you share with us what you do on days when maybe you’re not feeling so good or you’re feeling a little bit down or having emotional turmoil?

Asa: Absolutely. That’s such a big issue because nobody’s life is perfect and nobody’s perfect and I’m far from it. I have many days where I don’t feel good, fearful or I’m just drained. I think that one thing that’s important is when you’re not feeling good, I think it’s important to nourish yourself instead of blaming or starting to get negative.
I think the first step is to give yourself love, embrace yourself. Maybe take the day off or do something that makes you happy; something very simple. Maybe lying in bed and watching a movie, calling your mother or sister, having your cousin come over or eat your favorite food.

As far as living fearlessly, we can all cope but all of us get to a place where you’re suddenly afraid and it happens all the time with the thing that you’re afraid of. Whether it’s the dentist, whether it’s success, whether it’s starting your own business, whether it’s facing your father you haven’t seen for a long time. In those moments I think that’s when your character is made and you have to give yourself that little nudge, that next step further. You just have to. And then, the rest will come naturally.

I think we’re born warriors. As long as we face the monster, it will always go away. Embrace it. The monster that you’re afraid of, you go towards it and you embrace it and it will melt away and it will become a part of you.


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