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How to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

At one time or another everyone has been in a toxic relationship. As hard as it is to leave there are some things you can do so you can have the happiness that you love and deserve.

End the relationship. As hard as it is and when you see that person all the memories may come back, it is best to end it. It will only get worse before it gets better. This relationship that you are in is not leading to anything but stress. You deserve to be in a happy relationship.

Don't listen anything negative or think negative. Don't let others negativity rub off on you. Continue to think positive because positive thinking works.

Be grateful for everything. The more you are grateful the more you will attract what you are grateful for. Relax and let wonderful things happen to you.

Focus on yourself. If you got rid of someone who put you down, now is the time to build yourself up. Look in the mirror to take this single time to love yourself. If you can't love yourself you can't expect anyone else to love you.

The sooner you get out of the toxic relationship you are in, the better you will be. Don't jump into another relationship right away because you are vulnerable and will prone yourself to getting hurt. Instead be single and take this time to focus on you and only you. Treat yourself the way your ex never treated you. Love yourself, think positive, work out, go after what you want. Whatever it is you can do it. Then at the right time and the right place you will meet your prince charming. Then you will finally have your happily ever after.

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