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How to land roles in good movies

Talent submitting for roles now have direct access to artistic directors

Today it is easier than ever to secure casting in good movies. Facebook (and other social media), IMDb Pro, Backstage, and Project Casting provide immediate, direct access for talent to artistic directors and directors to talent. Here are some up-to-date tips to find paid roles in good, professional movies.

- Identify the producers, directors with whom you want to work
- Network with them online and face-to-face, as much as are able
-Communicate professionally
-Demonstrate a can-do, cooperative, professional attitude (avoid a cynical, unprofessional attitude)
-Show interest in the work of others, especially of the directors and producers with whom you want to work
-Demonstrate a team spirit
-Carefully read the posts and follow instructions of producers and directors
-Use professional headshots that look like you now (You can use current headshots that demonstrate a number of characters and makeup styles)
-Avoid headshots full of blood and gore, if you want to be taken seriously by a professional, redemptive filmmaker
- If you use or need a demo reel, make sure that it is current with at least 3 projects, with a total of 2 to 5 minutes, with each scene completed or end at the point the of the change of action
-Don't post trailers or clips on your IMDb page because IMDb will add a commercial to the front of them and the trailer does not focus on you (demo reels on IMDb do not have commercials added to the front)
-Post a valid age range that you can currently perform
-Keep your resume up-to-date with your best credits (Understand that projects on IMDb with low rankings may bring your overall IMDb ranking down, if you become attached to them)
-Post skills that you can currently and viably perform
-Do not submit for roles for which you are not suited according to the breakdowns (It is frustrating for directors to sort through inappropriate submissions.)
-Carefully follow directions

One of the most viable, efficient, effective way to submit online for good work in on IMDb Pro. March 11, IMDb launched new tools for directors. With filtering tools to narrow down searches, these new casting tools give any director a user-friendly way to find the right actors and to provide easy-to-use tool for actors to efficiently submit and find good work. Pro Casting is already making casting more efficient and is already helping actors easily submit for good work.

With IMDb's Pro Casting, directors and filmmakers can post unlimited casting notices, use the search filters to narrow submissions by specific criteria, add possible actors to a personalized list and, and even share their lists. Directors, investors, and producers can gauge an actor’s marketability with IMDbPro’s graphs and find recommendations of actors similar to the ones they are viewing. With Pro Casting actors can update their IMDbPro profile, resume, headshots, and demo reels. They can also share their page online. Further, actors can view and filter casting notices, submit directly for roles with their IMDb Pro page, and keep projects they are following on a personalized list. Now actors can find and submit for good work efficiently and effectively with IMDb job notices.

Backstage also provides casting services that provide direct access for talent to directors. Backstage service users must set up a complete profile and and headshots. There are hundreds of job for talent in films, but Backstage does not provide the comprehensive rankings, ratings, and project data that IMDb Pro provides. Project Casting provides even more limited services and film jobs, but there is no fee for their services that also provide direct access for talent to directors.

The Texas Film Commission,, provides many film resources: job listings, crew directory, location services and much more.

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